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Corrosion Inhibitor

Mitigating The Corrosion Of Tank Bottoms and Cased Crossing Using VpCl Technology

Soil-side corrosion is a principal cause of storage tank failure and imposes a major environmental and operational challenge worldwide. Several techniques have been adopted to mitigate soil-side corrosion of Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) floors, such as bituminous sand, impressed current cathodic protection and coatings. However, pitting corrosion observed  due to voids below the tank bottom.

The application of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) chemistry,  CorroLogic® System in protecting tank bottoms against soil-side corrosion has been classically coupled with the use of ER probes to monitor their impact on the corrosion rate data before and after injection. In most cases, ER probes are used as the primary corrosion rate monitoring technique. The VPCI in Combination with Cathodic Protection is best for complete corrosion solution for tank bottom. 

 CorroLogic® System Filler product that is applied as a liquid into the annular space between the carrier pipe and the casing which quickly sets into a gel. Options for corrosion rate monitoring are also available. Cortec® is providing the Oil and Gas industry with unique choices for carrier pipe corrosion control. This technology Meets requirements of NACE SP0200-2014 Standard Practice: Steel Cased Pipeline Practices.

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