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Cathodic Protection

Over the years, cathodic protection (CP) has continued to be treated as a somewhat

mysterious term by those not fully Cross Country Pipelines

conversant with this most useful means of corrosion

control. Apparently, many feel that CP is a complicated procedure. In actuality, the basic

idea of CP is very simple. Any complications arise during the application of this basic

idea. NACE International  Certified Cathodic Protection Specialist / engineers, however, are equipped with the knowledge needed to apply the basic concept of CP to pipeline systems and to attain a very high level of effective corrosion control. CORPS provided all the corrosion solutions for cross country pipelines.

Hydrocarbon plants, power plants are important structure, cathodic protection (CP) systems for buried underground metallic structures in existing or new plants is very challenging due to dissimilar metals like Carbon steel, stainless steel and the bare copper grounding system. It need not to be emphasized that a person having broad experience in CP surveys is essential.

There is a requirement for a proper survey of the existing CP system in an existing plant before creating a suitable design. For an integrated and effective CP system, the new structures with good coating must be bonded to existing buried structures having comparatively poor coating or are bare.

CORPS Providing complete solutions for plant cathodic protection systems.

The corrosion rate is highest in offshore environment and corrosion protection is must for offshore structure. We provide all the range of Cathodic Protection systems for Offshore Platforms, Pipelines, Jetties and Well Casings.

The well casings pass through so many severely corrosive formations which necessitate the application of cathodic protection (CP) to mitigate external corrosion. From a cathodic protection perspective, there are a number of different well casing configurations that must be addressed for each multi-well drill site, including new oil wells with excellent coated casings.

CORPS provide cathodic protection systems for single well casing and if multiple wells located in single location with proper current distribution is controlled to all well casings on a given multi-well drill site from a single rectifier to avoid interference.


CORPS have team of NACE Certified Corrosion Specialist, Cathodic Protection Specialist and NACE Certified Engineers. We provide consultancy to our client to Corrosion and Cathodic Protection to make project specification, materials specification, detailed design review, detailed design preparation, AC/DC interference mitigation and if your CP system failed and fed-up with existing contractor we have solutions for your asset.

We provide services in India and International locations
We have dedicated team of NACE Certified Corrosion Specialist, Cathodic Protection Specialist, Cathodic Protection Technicians