Leading Provider

of Corrosion Solutions


Certified Personnel


ISO 9001:2015


Cathodic Protection

We provide one stop solution to corrosion problems. 


Corrosion Inhibitors

Our corrosion inhibitors help minimize corrosive effects  in a variety of applications.



We provide services for coating system selection, coating inspection and more. 


Corrosion Monitoring System

We provide a variety of monitoring services for cathodic protection systems.

Structure Integrity Management

We provide services to maximise use from existing facilities.

Energy and Renewables

We provide monitoring to all types of industrial and other structures .


Anamoly Assessment

We provide assessment for ECDA and in-line tool integrity assessment programs.

We provide services in India and International locations
We have dedicated team of NACE Certified Corrosion Specialist, Cathodic Protection Specialist, Cathodic Protection Technicians